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Wired For Addiction® Panel

For individuals seeking at-home testing & biochemical pathway support for an array of behavioral wellness concerns, Wired For Addiction® has designed a custom, patent-pending panel that takes a deep dive into the biological piece of behavioral wellness.  

If you've ever been curious why SSRIs don't seem to work for you, questioning why failed attempts at rehab have left you addiction swapping, or why certain drugs affect you differently than other people, Wired For Addiction® is here to help.  In our custom panel, we identify, isolate, and measure 80+ biomarkers highly correlated to a variety of behavioral wellness concerns ranging from lack of focus, low mood, difficulty sleeping, cravings, obsessions, and more.  

Rather than labeling and searching for a diagnosis, we test to find the epigenetic and neuroscience biomarkers that require support and design a precision-based plan outside of pharmaceuticals if that is your behavioral wellness goal.  


To explore at-home testing & biochemical pathway support options, reserve a complimentary virtual consultation with a Wired For Addiction® health consultant:

Lisa S, GA

"Dr. Higgins consulted with me, did a lab work-up that no one had ever done before, and created a protocol that made a new person out of me.  Having been a daily drinker for three to four decades, as well as a smoker of marijuana and a habitual gambler, created a taxing life – to say the least.  I now am clean and sober, and don’t miss my old life."

Tom P, NJ

"I had become a daily drinker of alcohol and daily smoker of marijuana. I was experiencing auditory hallucinations and became paranoid of those around me.  Dr. Higgins went through a very lengthy consultation and listened to what I had been experiencing. She did a lab work-up that was fascinating and made total sense as to what I had been experiencing.  Within a week, I was feeling tremendous changes for the better, which continued to improve over the next several months. My life has improved in every way."

Chris M, TX

"I feel like a somebody, not a nobody."
"I am productive and can think my way through problems now."
"I'm proud of myself and my wife is proud of me, too."
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