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Wired For Addiction® Panel

For individuals seeking at-home testing & biochemical pathway support for an array of behavioral wellness concerns, Wired For Addiction® has designed a custom, patent-pending panel that takes a deep dive into the biological piece of behavioral wellness.  

If you've ever been curious why:

Why SSRI's don't work for you?

Experience addiction swapping?

Failed at multiple attempts to quit?

Medications work differently work you?

Wired For Addiction® is here to help. 


In our custom panel, we identify, isolate, and measure 80+ biomarkers highly correlated to a variety of behavioral wellness concerns ranging from lack of focus, low mood, difficulty sleeping, cravings, obsessions, and more.  

Rather than labeling and searching for a diagnosis, we test to find the epigenetic and neuroscience biomarkers that require support and design a precision-based plan outside of pharmaceuticals if that is your behavioral wellness goal.  


To explore at-home testing & biochemical pathway support options, reserve a complimentary virtual consultation with a Wired For Addiction® wellness consultant:

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