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Navigating Life's Seas

Welcome to Episode 17 of the Wired BioHealth Podcast! In this captivating episode, join host Dr. Evelyn Higgins and co-host Jacqueline Hall as they delve into Dr. Higgins' recent life-changing journey across the globe. From Croatia to Greece, Egypt to Dubai, and through the Suez Canal, discover the geopolitical challenges faced during this extraordinary adventure. Dr. Higgins recounts the gripping experience of a vessel being boarded by Yemeni Skiffs in the Suez Canal, highlighting the high-pressure conditions and the seamless professionalism of the captain.

Gain insights into the width of the Suez Canal, the importance of purpose in life, and the fascinating lectures delivered on the ship, covering topics from anxiety and depression to biohacks and the Blue Zones. Explore the concept of Blue Zones—geographically diverse areas with a high percentage of centenarians—and unravel the commonalities that contribute to their longevity. Learn about the significance of diet, exercise, community, and purpose in leading a fulfilling and extended life.

Dr. Higgins shares wisdom from her lectures and emphasizes the importance of unlearning and prioritizing purpose. Discover the impact of social media on mental health, especially among the younger generation, and the alarming statistics on anxiety and depression diagnoses. The conversation touches upon treatment-resistant depression, the need for objective diagnostic tools, and the groundbreaking work being done at Wired BioHealth.

Join us on this thought-provoking journey, and for more information on optimizing mental health, visit or call 1-888-841-7099. Until next time, thank you for tuning in to the Wired BioHealth Podcast!

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