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Narcissism Unmasked: Understanding the Impact on Relationships and Mental Health

Welcome to the Wired BioHealth Podcast! In this episode, host Dr. Evelyn Higgins and Jacqueline Hall delve into the complex topic of narcissism and its impact on relationships. They discuss the origins of narcissistic personality disorder, its effects on individuals and their loved ones, and how it manifests in today's society.

Dr. Higgins and Jacqueline explore the importance of self-love and empathy in relationships, and how narcissism can lead to destructive behaviors. They also touch on the role of social media and societal values in shaping narcissistic tendencies. The conversation highlights the need for understanding and support for both individuals with narcissistic traits and their partners. They discuss how genetic SNPs and epigenetics play a role in behavior and how empowering individuals with this knowledge can lead to positive changes.

If you or someone you know is struggling with narcissism or its effects, this episode offers valuable insights and resources. Tune in to learn more about the biological basis of mental health and how you can take control of your well-being. To learn more about Wired BioHealth and their services, visit their website or schedule a free consultation with one of their wellness consultants. Don't let narcissism define your relationships. Take the first step towards understanding and healing today.


Ready to begin therapy, biological optimization, and heal from the layers of damage caused by narcissism?

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