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Experts in The Science of
Addiction Recovery

Wired For Addiction® specializes in the biological component of mental health and addiction recovery. With over 100 years of combined staff experience in the addiction field and 17 years designated for Research & Development, we have positioned ourselves as a global expert in the science of addiction recovery.  


In totality, Wired For Addiction® offers education, testing, and biochemical pathway support for substance use disorders, process addictions, and mental health conditions.  As a vendor to behavioral health centers, addiction treatment facilities, criminal defense attorneys, non-profits, and large corporations, Wired For Addiction® is the nexus between individuals, scientists, and law makers.  Boasting talent from academic, healthcare, legal, and government affairs fields, we are prepared and knowledgeable to serve our clients at every level. 


Objectively measuring an individual’s mental health through the use of our patent-pending custom panel, Wired For Addiction® quantifies mental health through an individual’s unique physiology rather than relying on empirical evidence to inform mental health and SUD treatment.  In our custom panel, Wired For Addiction® identifies, isolates, and measures specific biomarkers highly correlated to substance use disorders, mental health conditions, and process addiction.  This precision based approach allows us to view mental health at its foundation: the biochemistry of the individual.

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