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For individuals seeking at-home testing & biochemical pathway support for an array of behavioral wellness concerns, Wired For Addiction® has created an option to fit the unique needs of individuals interested in support outside of the criminal justice and treatment center communities. 


Through the Wired For Addiction® remote sample collection process, clients are able to provide their specimen from the privacy and comfort of their home, thereby eliminating geographical and logistical barriers to care. 


Following simple saliva and urine sample collection instructions located in each kit, clients then send the Wired For Addiction® test kits to the specified lab(s) via the provided prepaid postage.

From there, samples are analyzed, interpreted, and configured into the client's unique Biomarker Evaluation Report. This report is thoroughly discussed with the client's assigned Wired For Addition® health consultant via a virtual appointment to discuss the findings, their correlation to symptomatic expression, and their individualized Biochemical Pathway Support Plan Recommendations.

Biochemical Pathway Support Plan Recommendations are sent to the client electronically and the client has the option to include 6 months of bi-weekly virtual appointments with a Wired For Addiction® health consultant.  As necessary, clients are encouraged to join support groups and/or therapy to address the sociological/psychological components of rehabilitation while Wired For Addiction® optimizes the biological component.  Additionally, clients may be referred to other providers, physicians, and specialists upon determination by their assigned Wired For Addiction® health consultant. 

Wired For Addiction® support does not require relocation nor time away from work.  The sample collection is done at home or in the office, the Biomarker Evaluation Report and individualized Biochemical Pathway Support Plan Recommendations are discussed via a HIPAA compliant virtual platform with a designated Wired For Addiction® health consultant, and the optional bi-weekly virtual visits track the client’s progress.  The common barriers to seeking help – stigma, denial, lack of understanding, resources, fear – are all reduced because of the discrete, yet effective, Wired For Addiction® methodology.  

To explore at-home testing & biochemical pathway support options, reserve a complimentary virtual consultation with a Wired For Addiction® health consultant:

Lisa S, GA

"Dr. Higgins consulted with me, did a lab work-up that no one had ever done before, and created a protocol that made a new person out of me.  Having been a daily drinker for three to four decades, as well as a smoker of marijuana and a habitual gambler, created a taxing life – to say the least.  I now am clean and sober, and don’t miss my old life."

Tom P, NJ

"I had become a daily drinker of alcohol and daily smoker of marijuana. I was experiencing auditory hallucinations and became paranoid of those around me.  Dr. Higgins went through a very lengthy consultation and listened to what I had been experiencing. She did a lab work-up that was fascinating and made total sense as to what I had been experiencing.  Within a week, I was feeling tremendous changes for the better, which continued to improve over the next several months. My life has improved in every way."

Chris M, TX

"I feel like a somebody, not a nobody."
"I am productive and can think my way through problems now."
"I'm proud of myself and my wife is proud of me, too."
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