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For individuals seeking at-home support for a variety of behavioral wellness concerns, Wired For Addiction® offers a private, non-judgmental, and objective lab panel. 


Through the Wired For Addiction® remote sample collection process, clients are able to collect their sample from the privacy and comfort of their home/dorm/office.  


No need to arrange transportation, lodging, or take time away from work/family/school. 












Following simple cheek swab, saliva, and urine sample collection instructions located in each kit, clients then send the Wired For Addiction® test kits to the specified lab(s) via the provided prepaid postage.

From there, samples are analyzed, interpreted, and configured into the client's unique Biomarker Evaluation Report.


This report is reviewed & discussed virtually with the client's assigned Wired For Addition® wellness consultant. 











Biochemical Pathway Support Plan Recommendations are sent to the client electronically and the client has the option to include 3 months of bi-weekly virtual appointments with a Wired For Addiction® wellness consultant.  As necessary, clients are encouraged to join support groups and/or therapy to address the sociological/psychological components of rehabilitation while Wired For Addiction® optimizes the biological component.  Additionally, clients may be referred to other providers, physicians, and specialists upon determination by their assigned Wired For Addiction® wellness consultant. 











To explore at-home testing & biochemical pathway support options, reserve a complimentary virtual consultation with a Wired For Addiction® wellness consultant:

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Have a wellness concern that's not addiction related?

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Visit Wired BioHealth™ to learn more about the approach we take to non-addiction related behavioral wellness concerns such as mood, focus, and sleep difficulties.

Have you been called a "therapy fail"?  It's not because you just don't want to get better or because you had a bad therapist -- it's probably because the therapist's approach to therapy wasn't based on you

If you've been searching for a therapist who understands biology's important role in mental health, check out WBH Counseling & Therapy for 100% virtual counseling, therapy, and coaching. Our team specializes in a variety of conditions such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, PPD, ODD, and trauma.

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