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Corporations & Nonprofits

Mood disorders and substance misuse manifest in many ways in the workplace: decreased productivity, absenteeism, carelessness, and contagious low morale. Traveling to private corporations and nonprofits, Wired For Addiction™ offers virtual and in-person seminars to educate employees and volunteers about the biology behind their mental health and empowers them to seek help, discreetly and with the support of their employer.  If the topics of depression, anxiety, or substance misuse/abuse resonate with an individual, Wired For Addiction™ works directly with the employee seeking treatment for themselves or a loved one.


As an international DNA company, we provide evidence-based testing and treatment through our trademarked process; reviewing select Genetic Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, Neurotransmitters, and Hormones, our DNA panel is exhaustive, informative, and comprehensive.  This approach to addiction treatment is what yields our quantifiable success rate.  Wired For Addiction’s comprehensive 6-month treatment program does not require relocation nor time away from work.  The DNA sample collection is done at home or in the office, the Biomarker Evaluation Report and Individualized Treatment Plan are discussed via a HIPAA compliant virtual platform, and the bi-weekly telehealth visits with a dedicated Wired For Addiction™ clinician track the progress of the patient. During the treatment process, we encourage the individual to join a support group/fellowship program while their biochemistry is being optimized. 

The common barriers to seeking help – stigma, denial, lack of understanding, resources, fear – are all reduced because of the discrete, yet effective hyper-personalized program.  Schedule a virtual consultation to learn more about how Wired For Addiction's services can grow your Employee Assistance Program: