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Corporations & Nonprofits

Mental health conditions and substance misuse manifest in many ways in the workplace, classroom, and athletic field: decreased productivity, absenteeism, carelessness, and contagious low morale. 


In an effort to support employees, students, and athletes, Wired For Addiction® offers virtual and in-person seminars to educate attendees about the biology behind their mental health and empowers them to seek help -- help that does not require them to sacrifice their career, education, or athletic pursuits while addressing their behavioral wellness. 

As a company providing remote services, we offer precision-based testing and biochemical pathway support through our patent-pending testing & recommendation process. Wired For Addiction’s individualized Biochemical Pathway Support Plan Recommendations do not require relocation nor time away from work, school, nor family.  


1. The sample collection is done at home or in the office.

2. The Biomarker Evaluation Report and individualized Biochemical Pathway Support Plan recommendations are discussed via a HIPAA compliant virtual platform.

3. The optional bi-weekly virtual visits with a dedicated Wired For Addiction® health consultant track the progress of the client.  We encourage the individual to join a support group and/or enroll in counseling while their biochemistry is being optimized. 

The common barriers to seeking help – stigma, denial, lack of understanding, resources, fear – are all reduced because of the discrete, yet effective, precision-based model.  Schedule a virtual consultation to learn more about how Wired For Addiction's services can augment your existing mental health support program.

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