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Educating Law Makers, Law Enforcement, and the Judiciary About the Epidemiology of Addiction

Wired For Addiction™ has had a busy summer engaging with their Criminal Justice client partners by working with defense teams in cases pertaining to capital murder, psychotic episodes in prison, and facilitating a treatment centric rather than punishment centric approach to drug rehabilitation. Spanning the country from San Antonio, to the District of Columbia, to Fort Lauderdale, they’ve had the opportunity to engage with some of the nation’s leading attorneys who are eager to incorporate emerging science into their client’s defense.

Chief Operating Officer of Wired For Addiction™, Jacqueline Hall, sits on the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Corrections Committee and was asked to co-panel a webinar titled: Using Psychiatric Advance Directives, Neuroscience, and the Criminal Justice System. Generating a great deal of national interest on the topic of how epigenetics and neuroscience plays a role in mental health and recidivism frequency, they expanded their reach to the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer Association, Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the National Alliance to Stop Impaired Driving. With a substantial level of appeal among judges keen on understanding mental health’s role in addiction and recidivism, Wired For Addiction™ is working to educate law makers, law enforcement, and the judiciary about the epidemiology of addiction and the science of addiction recovery.

In late July, Wired For Addiction™ leadership met with lawmakers on Capitol Hill to discuss The Restoring Hope for Mental Health and Well-Being Act and how the patent-pending diagnostic tools and prescribing process utilized by the company contributes to fiscal waste reduction while yielding safe, faster, and more effective outcomes. Lending themselves as a resource to the United States House of Representatives Committee on Energy & Commerce and Members with addiction and mental health legislative priorities, Wired For Addiction™ is honored to contribute their expertise in the epidemiology of addiction to our nation’s lawmakers. Honored to have facilitated conversation between Washington lawmakers, clinicians, and scientists for the last seven Presidential Administrations, most notably Wired’s CEO advising the United States Surgeon General and later meeting with the former Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, we plan to continue bridging the gap between labs, laws, and people.

Welcomed as a panelist at the National Alliance to Stop Impaired Driving Annual Conference, Wired’s C.O.O. discussed their role in protecting the public with improved supervision. She was joined by the Executive Director of Policy and Government Relations of Alkermes, the Treasurer of the Governor’s Highway Safety Association speaking on behalf of ACCESS, and the Vice President of Government Affairs of Smart Start, LLC moderating their panel. Each of the panelists represented programs and pharmaceuticals utilized in the prison system to reduce the cycle of recidivism. Wired For Addiction™ discussed how their patent-pending diagnostic tools and pharmacogenomic testing are utilized at the state, local, and federal levels of correction to reduce wasteful spending and to improve the diagnostic and prescribing process utilized by prison medical staff.

Next week Wired For Addiction™ will be vendors in Palm Beach at the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Annual Conference where they will be sharing their testing & treatment with attorneys and the clients they represent. Attorneys fall into a unique group of individuals that Wired clinicians work with: the C-Suite. Wired provides discrete, effective, and practical treatment for executives struggling with various forms of addiction and mental health issues. As an international DNA company, Wired provides truly evidence-based testing and treatment through their patent-pending testing and prescribing process; their custom panel identifies, isolate, and measures 69 Genetic Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, 11 Neurotransmitters, and 5 Hormones to yield an exhaustive, informative, and comprehensive blueprint of addiction and mental health. This approach to treatment is what yields quantifiable success rates and creates a roadmap of the biological component of rehabilitation.

Wired For Addiction’s comprehensive 6-month treatment program does not require relocation nor time away from work. The DNA sample collection is done at home or in the office, the Biomarker Evaluation Report and Individualized Treatment Plan is discussed via a HIPAA compliant virtual platform with a designated Wired For Addiction clinician, and the bi-weekly telehealth visits track the client’s progress. The common barriers to seeking help – stigma, denial, lack of understanding, resources, fear – are all reduced because of the discrete, yet effective Wired For Addiction™ care plan.

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