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Is a Drinking Problem Genetic?

Is a Drinking Problem Genetic?

Learn more by listening to this episode of Alcohol Tipping Point.

The Alcohol Tipping Point Podcast with Deb Masner

"Are we wired for addiction?

What role do genetics play in our drinking? How can we use our biology to overcome addiction?

Dr. Evelyn Higgins answers these questions and more in this episode of the podcast. Dr. Higgins is the Founder and CEO of Wired For Addiction®, a company Specializing in the biological component of mental health and addiction recovery.

She is a recognized international expert in the epidemiology of addiction. She is a Certified Addictionologist, Diplomate of the American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders, and Diplomate of the American Board of Disability Analysts specializing in pain management.

With over 35 years in clinical practice & consulting, Dr. Higgins has designated over 17 years to Research and Development in the science of addiction recovery.

  • Addiction being a disease

  • What addiction biomarkers are looking for

  • How we can use biology to treat addiction and other mental disorders

  • Anyone can become addicted to drinking or any substance or behavior

  • What makes alcohol someone’s “thing” to be addicted to

  • How we can use science to change stigma

  • And more!

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