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July 4th is synonymous with Freedom

It's the day we celebrate our nation's independence and we often do so by barbecuing with family, friends, and fireworks.

Taking a day to celebrate freedom is a particular cornerstone of American culture because freedom is often something we do not appreciate nor recognize until it is taken from us.

July 4th is the 2nd most likely day of the year to get a DUI. In fact, it is actually the deadliest week of the year. It beckons the question, are your habits jeopardizing your freedom?

Freedom does not always refer to incarceration or not, although it sometimes does.

Freedom can also refer to our thoughts and actions. If you are experiencing obsessive or compulsive thoughts or an inability to stop an activity or substance once started, it is taking away your freedom.

Of course, we all have the freedom to choose right from wrong, but your biology does not need to make your freedom to choose the next right thing more difficult than it already is.

Whether your freedom of thought is being controlled by alcohol, sex, drugs, pornography, gambling, food, or something else, Wired For Addiction® is prepared to support the biological component of your recovery.

If July 5 is your day to start, we're here to help you begin and sustain your journey to freedom.

Schedule a complimentary virtual consultation by clicking here.

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