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Mental Health & Addiction: Parity or Parody

With Only 17 Days Left Until 2023, Why Are We Still Treating Mental Health & Addiction Like It’s The Turn of the Century?


“Health is more than simply the absence of disease. We’re not healthy one day and sick the next; it’s all the living that we do in between that brings us to either end of the spectrum.” Dr. Evelyn Higgins, CEO & Founder of Wired For Addiction®. That is and was the premise of Wired For Addiction’s parent company, Pillar Health Systems, many years ago. And the phrase fits nicely with Wired For Addiction’s purpose – that being to provide analysis & interpretation of an individual’s physiology in order to make informed treatment decisions based on objective biomarkers. In no other part of healthcare do we rely on a patient’s vocabulary or symptom description to determine a diagnosis or treatment protocol. Instead, clinicians turn to objective diagnostics to inform pathology and appropriate intervention. Wired For Addiction® provides precision-based diagnostics to be utilized in mental health & addiction treatment. Risk taking, impulse control, addiction, depression, anxiety, and others all have measurable suboptimal biochemical pathways.

Rather than admiring the problem through functional MRIs, biofeedback, brain mapping, or other out-of-pocket expenses, Wired For Addiction® identifies, isolates, and measures 85 of the most highly correlated biomarkers relating to substance use disorders, process addictions, and mental health conditions. This level of precision leads to actionable information for clinicians to better treat their clients and patients. In 2008, The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act was passed, yet inequity still exists between mental and physical healthcare. If appropriate diagnostics are not applied to the diagnosis and treatment of mental health and substance use disorders, it's more of a parody (a humorously exaggerated imitation) than a parity (the state or condition of being equal).


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