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Reprioritizing Mental Health

Summer's Almost Over

Are you ready?

For many families, summer break means taking a break from medications prescribed to support focus, mood, and energy. With fewer work and academic expectations, many feel that the side effects of their prescriptions simply outweigh the perceived benefits of the drug(s).

Despite what consumer education has told us, side effects are not normal. Weight gain, low mood, dependency, anxiety, insomnia, detachment, nervousness, false sense of security, etc are all examples of biochemical pathways being improperly supported.

To optimize mental health, one must first undergo testing to identify which biochemical pathways require support to then determine the level to which support is required. Chasing symptoms based on vocabulary is an inefficient and often ineffective means to supporting mood, focus, sleep, appetite, cravings, etc.

  1. Making it easier to focus

  2. Improving impulse control

  3. Minimizing risk taking behavior

  4. Reducing social anxiety

  5. Promoting good sleep

  6. Testing & supporting the brain chemicals causing anxiety & depression

  7. Reducing the desire to self-medicate & experiment with drugs & alcohol

  8. Reprioritizing mental health

  9. Easing the transition from summer vacation to your work & school routine

  10. Making life's normal stressors less stressful and more rewarding

Ready to make this your most productive, happiest, and healthiest year yet?

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