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Successful Parenting

Mental health, trauma, and addiction take on new meaning once children become involved. Whether it is the parent struggling or the parent who is watching their biological, adopted, or foster child struggling with behavioral health issues, the shame/guilt/stigma can be paralyzing.

If you fall into any of those categories, click here to listen to an episode of the Successful Parenting Podcast that dives deep into the biology of mental health, addiction, and trauma.

The Successful Parenting Podcast: There is Still Shame...There is Still Stigma

"For some of us, our drug of choice may be caffeine or nicotine, while others may turn to alcohol or another type of substance, and some may even turn to food or find themselves obsessed with exercise or some other pastime. Addiction may appear in different forms, and these are just a few examples our listeners have shared. Jackie and Robin are delighted to be joined b Dr. Evelyn Higgins and Jacqueline Hall from Wired For Addiction® in this week's episode.

Dr. Higgins shares her personal story and what feeds her passion for helping others with addictions and mental health struggles. In addition, Dr. Higgins and Jacqueline provide listeners with information on biomarkers and genes and why this information can empower families and foster positive decision-making.

Significant comorbidities exist in mental health and addictions, creating difficulties with diagnosing and effective treatment. Therefore, we spend some time discussing addiction as a bio-psycho-social condition and the benefits of looking at biology to establish treatment protocols.

Finally, we examine the shame and stigma for many with mental health issues and addiction and how this might impact families and treatment." -- Successful Parenting Podcast

Mental Health -- Trauma --Addiction

Although our company name contains the word 'addiction,' we address mental health, trauma, and addiction as each of these three areas are impacted by our unique biology, what we refer to as 'biomarkers'.

The biomarkers that we identify, isolate, and measure in the Wired For Addiction® lab panel is the culmination of research conducted by the NIH, NIMH, NIDA, NIAAA, and CDC -- Wired For Addiction® is making this science accessible and actionable for individuals seeking care for conditions and aberrant behaviors arising from mental health complexities, trauma, and addiction.

Behavioral health no longer relies on patient reported data or the subjective interpretation of a clinician -- objective data now has the ability to inform and transform the prescribing process into one of accuracy & equity.

White knuckling sobriety? Frequently "falling off the wagon?" Swapping one addiction for another? Suffering side effects of medications? Clean & sober but still anxious or depressed? Watching a loved one struggle with mental health and addiction?

If any of those hit home, we encourage you to include Wired For Addiction® in your sustainable recovery plan? Send us an email or schedule an appointment through our website.

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