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TEDx Jacksonville Selects Wired For Addiction™ CEO as Speaker

After months of a vigorous vetting process, Wired For Addiction™ has been approved to share that our Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Evelyn Higgins, is a speaker at TEDx Jacksonville on October 22. Check out what TEDx Jacksonville developed to summarize what Dr. Higgins will discuss during her Talk:

EVELYN HIGGINS | ADDICTION RESEARCHER Cutting-edge research reveals that the biomarkers linked to substance use disorders and mental health conditions can now be identified, isolated, and measured in our DNA. Why is this significant? Because recognizing that addiction is best understood as a biological condition forever changes how we perceive, treat, and manage mental health and substance use disorders. What if you knew you had a genetic propensity for addiction? How would that impact the decisions you make? Dr. Evelyn Higgins, an international expert in the epidemiology of addiction, argues that genetic testing is a vital treatment resource that can change the lens through which society views addiction, and inspire communities to talk openly about mental health and addiction from a solutions-oriented perspective.

TEDx Jacksonville pulled a few highlights out of Dr. Higgins' bio for those interested learning more about the creator of the custom-genetic panel offered exclusively by her companies, Wired For Addiction™ and the Neurotransmitter Reset Program™. To learn more about her, click here.

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