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The Guessing Game of Mental Health

Welcome to the Bio Health Podcast with your host, Dr. Evelyn Higgins, and co-host Jacqueline Hall. In this episode, we dive into the critical topic of mental health diagnosis and treatment. We start by discussing the limitations of diagnosing and prescribing based solely on vocabulary, highlighting the challenges when patients and healthcare providers are not on the same page.

We share a startling statistic from Colorado University in 2022, revealing that more than half of people diagnosed with one psychiatric disorder will be diagnosed with a second or third in their lifetime, and about a third will have more than four. This raises the question of whether we are addressing the root causes of these disorders or merely treating symptoms.

We emphasize the imp

ortance of objective information and lab data to understand the underlying biological factors contributing to mental health issues. We discuss how neurotransmitter imbalances can't be reduced to a single neurotransmitter, as the body is always striving for balance.

The episode highlights the dangers of over-reliance on pharmaceuticals as a first resort without thoroughly investigating the underlying causes of mental health conditions. We discuss the role of genetics and epigenetics in mental health, explaining how identifying and addressing genetic factors can lead to more effective treatment plans.

We touch on the early diagnosis of mental health conditions in children and the potential consequences of medicating them without addressing the root causes. We also explore the role of resiliency in mental health and the exciting field of epigenetics.

Throughout the episode, we share real-life success stories and emphasize the importance of seeking personalized and evidence

-based solutions for mental health challenges. We encourage listeners to reach out with their questions and stories, emphasizing that mental health support should be accessible to everyone.

Join us for this conversation as we kick off the Wired BioHealth™ Podcast. It's your chance to gain valuable insights, access expert advice, and become part of a vibrant community dedicated to mental health optimization.

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