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Wired For Addiction™ Announces Strategic Alliance with Former U.S. “Drug Czar” & DEA Head

Strategic partnership with Michael Best Advisors will apply policy work and public affairs expertise to cutting-edge DNA addiction and mental health science.

October 10, 2022

Jupiter, FL — Wired For Addiction™, an international DNA company that utilizes a patent-pending, trademark process to look at genetic variants linked to addiction and mood disorders, today announced a strategic partnership with Michael Best Advisors Principals Hon. Jim Carroll and Hon. Uttam Dhillon. Mr. Carroll served as the Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) (colloquially known as the U.S. “Drug Czar”) from 2018 – 2021; Mr. Dhillon served as the Acting Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) from 2018 – 2020. Both have the distinction of having enjoyed unanimous confirmation by the United States Senate during their extensive careers in federal service.

“The addiction crisis sweeping through the United States is unlike anything our country has seen before, and only innovation can turn the tide,” Wired For Addiction™ founder and CEO Dr. Evelyn Higgins stated. “Wired For Addiction™ represents the next frontier in scientific treatment of substance use disorders, and we are proud to engage Michael Best Advisors to bring sustained recovery to more Americans via our patent-pending genetic-guided treatment model.”

Wired For Addiction™ offers education, testing, and genetic-guided treatment for substance use disorders (SUD), process addictions, and mental health conditions. As a vendor to behavioral health centers, addiction treatment facilities, criminal defense attorneys, nonprofits, and large corporations, Wired For Addiction™ serves as a nexus between individuals, scientists, and lawmakers.

By objectively measuring an individual’s mental health through the use of a patent-pending custom-genetic panel, Wired For Addiction™ quantifies mental health through an individual’s unique physiology rather than relying on empirical evidence to inform mental health and SUD treatment. The Wired For Addiction™ custom genetic panel identifies, isolates, and measures specific biomarkers linked to addiction and mood disorders. Guided by highly correlated neurotransmitters, single nucleotide polymorphisms, and hormones, Wired For Addiction™ addresses mental health at its foundation: the biochemistry of the individual.

“We are excited to provide strategic consulting services that will introduce Wired For Addiction™ to a diverse group of clients,” Carroll said. “I look forward to teaming with Dr. Higgins and her team to advance the Wired For Addiction™ mission in pursuit of saving lives.”

“I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with Wired For Addiction™ as we work toward a future in which fewer people are ensnared by addiction, and every American can thrive,” Dhillon added.

About Wired For Addiction: Wired For Addiction™ uses a trademark process to look at genetic variants linked to addiction and co-occurring disorders, allowing patients to have genetic-guided mental health treatment and testing. Coupling DNA informed treatment with the traditional modalities available at treatment facilities allows for long-term recovery of an individual suffering from a bio-psycho-social condition. Wired For Addiction™ uses a patent-pending custom genetic panel that is able to augment the existing forms of therapy available at treatment facilities. Going far beyond traditional MAT functional MRIs (or brain mapping), Wired For Addiction™ is truly individual to the unique biochemistry of each patient.

Hon. Jim Carroll’s bio: Available here.

Hon. Uttam Dhillon’s bio: Available here.

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