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Wired For Addiction’s CEO Speaks as an International Authority on the Science of Addiction Recovery

Addiction and mental health issues do not discriminate based on education, socio-economic status, race, nor nationality; the aberrant behavior transcends language, creed, or class. At the International Society of Substance Use Professionals Annual Conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, we did however, learn that the conversations about addiction around the globe are a bit different than the ones in the United States of America.

Abu Dhabi, May 19, 2022 - Wired For Addiction’s CEO and inventor of the patent utilized by the company had the distinguished honor of presenting at the International Society of Substance Use Professionals Annual Conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates as the global expert on the Science of Addiction Recovery. The opportunity to present not only the methodology of the patent-pending custom genetic panel, but also its application in a case study involving a real Wired For Addiction™ patient -- a young girl with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome who was withdrawing from barbiturates and methadone, the optimization of her physiology through genetic-guided treatment, and the dramatic transformation of her life trajectory – spotlights how Wired For Addiction™ intends to raise the standard of care among primary mental health and addiction rehabilitation facilities, thereby providing continuity of mental health care domestically and internationally.

Wired For Addiction™ leadership did not only attend ISSUP’s Annual Conference to present; they also attended to listen to the other 1,200 in-person attendees as they discussed their nation’s addiction challenges. Speaking at length with several government officials, psychiatrists, and counselors from South Africa, Indonesia, Philippines, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and the United Kingdom, without fail, the primary addictions that they listed in their countries were cannabis and tobacco cigarettes. Of course, they followed with alcohol, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, etc, however it was notable that their initial focus was on addictions often overlooked in the United States addiction treatment space. Consider the frequency of addiction replacement in the form of tobacco, nicotine, marijuana, sugar, and caffeine. Although these are not the “hard drugs” that likely led an individual to seek treatment, there is still an active addiction present because their biochemical pathways have not been optimized.

The custom genetic panel offered exclusively by Wired For Addiction™ identifies, isolates, and measures 85 biomarkers highly correlated to addiction and mental health conditions. Through evidence-based testing of an individual’s physiology, we are able to identify the biochemical pathway(s) requiring support and the level to which support is required. Patient specific dosing of prescribed pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals in conjunction with traditional therapeutic modalities is what allows for true rehabilitation from all mood-altering substances, including substances often overlooked in the United States addiction treatment landscape.

If you are interested in partnering with Wired For Addiction™ to elevate the level of comprehensive education, testing, and treatment offered at your facility, reach out to the media contact listed below. About Wired For Addiction™ Wired For Addiction™ is an international DNA company that utilizes their trademark process to look at genetic variants linked to addiction and mood disorders. Through the use of their patent-pending custom genetic panel, they identify, isolate, and measure 85 biomarkers related to substance use disorders and mental health conditions.

Media Contact: Name: Jacqueline Hall

Title: Chief Operating Officer

Phone: +1 202-255-1184

Email address:

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