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Treatment Centers

Wired For Addiction™ uses our trademark process to look at genetic variants linked to addiction and co-occurring disorders, meaning that your clients will have genetic-guided mental health treatment and testing by partnering with Wired For Addiction™.  Coupling DNA informed treatment with your facility’s existing traditional modalities is what allows for the long term recovery of an individual suffering from a bio-psycho-social condition.  By utilizing our patent-pending custom genetic panel, we are able to augment the existing forms of therapy at your treatment facility.  Going far beyond traditional MAT functional MRIs, or brain mapping, Wired For Addiction™ is truly individual to the unique biochemistry of each client. 

Objectively measuring an individual’s mental health through the use of our patent-pending custom-genetic panel, Wired For Addiction™ quantifies mental health through an individual’s unique physiology rather than relying on empirical evidence to inform mental health and SUD treatment.  Armed with the knowledge that 45% of individuals struggling with addiction have a primary mental health condition, we understand the importance of starting recovery at the epicenter of addiction: biochemistry.  In our custom genetic panel, Wired For Addiction™ identifies, isolates, and measures specific biomarkers linked to addiction and mood disorders.  Guided by highly correlated neurotransmitters, single nucleotide polymorphisms, and hormones, Wired For Addiction™ addresses addiction at its foundation: the biochemistry of the individual.

Many treatment centers claim to provide evidence-based treatment, but what evidence specific to each client's unique physiology are they gathering to determine a care plan? The reality is that very few treatment centers review the biochemical pathways of each client because they lack the tools and resources to do so; Wired For Addiction™ is that tool which allows for complete bio-psycho-social rehabilitation of the individual.


Moreover, we empower your clinicians to stabilize your clients safer, faster, and with greater precision through a DNA guided approach to prescription selection.  Contact us to learn more about how to include our services at your facility.