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Criminal Justice

Wired For Addiction® bolsters a client's defense by utilizing objective lab testing to indicate the necessity of treatment rather than incarceration.  Similarly, we offer the prosecution physiological evidence to substantiate a claim that may otherwise rely heavily on anecdotal, circumstantial, or subjective and easily disputable "evidence." 


Wired For Addiction® offers an objective legal instrument to attorneys which gives quantifiable indicators of behavioral conditions.  This service is especially effective for attorneys in sentencing mitigation, in cases at the plea level, and for justices to have more scientific data to make their determination. By identifying the specific biochemical pathways perpetuating and predisposing an individual to alcoholism, drug addiction, and other risky behaviors, those in the criminal justice system have physiologically substantiated evidence to seek true justice by taking into account the data of an individual's neuroscience & genetics, and its correlation to their aberrant behavior.  


Local, state, and federal penitentiaries utilize Wired For Addiction’s genetic testing to establish that their inmates are correctly prescribed, thereby reducing cost and improving stabilization speed, safety, and efficacy.  Studies show that it is, on average, the 4th prescription that works for a person.  Considering the fiscal, time, and human capital waste of trying 4 prescriptions per inmate, it is a simple Cost-Benefit Analysis to determine that pharmacogenomic testing is better than the current empirical evidence standard (guess and check) of writing prescriptions.  Similarly, Wired For Addiction® works with medical malpractice attorneys who utilize our pharmacogenomic testing in cases of prescription recommendations resulting in injury, death, or erratic behavior. 

Lastly, Wired For Addiction® offers education to legal societies and associations interested in learning more about how genes and brain chemicals work together to form the foundation of mental health and how suboptimal mental health goes on to create an addiction. 

Wired For Addiction® is prepared to provide our genetic & neuroscience testing and interpretation services in cases ranging from DWIs to capital murder to mental health. Schedule a virtual appointment with Wired For Addiction's legal liaison to discuss how our services may augment your client's defense:  

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