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Pharmacogenomic Testing

As a company, Wired For Addiction™ boasts over100 years of experience in the addiction, mental health, and counseling fields.  After designating 16+ years to Research & Development, Wired For Addiction™ now has the technology to review an individual's DNA and provide a list of medications that follow standard precautions, those that are especially cautionary, and medications that are to be avoided.  This hyper-precise genetic testing and analysis yields safer, faster, and more effective outcomes for individuals while giving clinicians greater diagnostic tools at their disposal.

Our extensive 31-page report negates the ineffective and dangerous “try-it-out” phase of medications by isolating the individual’s specific genes and the associated interaction with the drugs and drug types listed in the report.  In matters of health, life, and death, empirical evidence should not be the standard of care.

Widely utilized by attorneys to better represent their clients, Employee Assistance Programs aimed to educate and empower their workforce, and treatment centers and physicians working to stabilize a patient, Wired For Addiction™ brings this revolutionary technology to the forefront of modern healthcare.