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The Epidemiology of Addiction

If the words, “identify, isolate, and measure,” aren’t included in the diagnosis and treatment of a SUD or primary mental health condition, complete rehabilitation isn’t taking place. Addiction is a bio-psycho-social condition, and the current standard of care is dismally low in addiction recovery facilities.

That is precisely why Wired For Addiction™ was founded. Brainchild of the CEO and inventor of the patent utilized by the company, Dr. Higgins has designated the last 16 years to Research and Development for the epidemiology of addiction. Her international keynote presentation, The Science of Addiction Recovery, discusses her work in the field beginning in 1993 to today’s emerging science. With over 100 years of combined staff experience, our team of MDs, DCs, PhDs, attorneys, and government affairs specialists work to improve the standard of care through medical, legal, and policy vehicles.

Wired For Addiction’s patent-pending custom genetic panel identifies, isolates, and measures 85 biomarkers highly correlated to substance use disorders, process addictions, and mental health conditions. Without appropriate diagnostics to measure functional levels of neurotransmitters, presence of single nucleotide polymorphisms, and hormones over 24-hour period to determine circadian rhythm, comprehensively informed treatment is falling short.

Wired For Addiction™ gives addiction treatment, primary mental health, and behavioral health facilities an often missing and important factor in rehabilitation – the biological component. Correct diagnostics yield precise treatment and precise treatment is what improves outcomes.

Improve your facility’s outcomes by providing the most comprehensive biochemical diagnostics available. Visit our website to learn more about including Wired For Addictions’ genetic guided testing and treatment in your list of client services.

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